12 Moon Sign Meanings From Astrology Experts

It’s worth mentioning straight out of the gate that if your moon sign isn’t traditionally thought of as “compatible” with your love interest’s moon sign, that doesn’t mean the relationship is doomed. Taking both people’s full birth charts into account using synastry is key, and even then, you should always take compatibility measures with a grain of salt.

All that said, according to Pennington, having the same moon sign as someone can be very beneficial because you’ll intuitively understand each other’s needs. It can also be pleasant if your moon is “training” your love interest’s moon (four signs apart on the zodiac wheel and in the same element), she says. Oppositions can even be good (when the two moon signs are opposite each other on the chart) because these people have something to offer the other in terms of balance, Pennington explains.

And as the twins note, another approach when it comes to compatibility is considering how your two elements work together. Air moons, for example, are “always on the go, so an earth moon will ground you,” the twins say. “If you’re ready for that, then great—but if you’re not, then you’re gonna feel stifled.”

Check out our full guide to moon compatibility for more information, and remember, two seemingly “incompatible” moon signs can still have a good relationship. As the twins say, “You’re just going to have to recognize you may have some differences—you may provide something for the other one that they don’t have.”

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