4 Ways Men Can Uplift and Encourage Their Women

Whenever there is an argument with women, men tend to focus on her shortcomings and use that to place blame and hurt them. This is not a wise decision to do because it can really demoralize women if she is fragile and lacks a little self esteem. If you are in this category of men, instead of criticizing her, what you should do is uplift her. This means to build her up. There are a couple ways to do this.

1. Give Compliment When She Deserves It
The first thing you can do to uplift your woman is to compliment her when she deserves it. This could be done by telling her she’s beautiful, she is the best cook when she cooks dinner or mentioning she is a great mom or girlfriend. Be sincere and compliment her when you can. It’s important to be specific. Just saying, ‘You’re the best cook’ may sound flattering. Instead say, ‘The carrots you cook have the best flavor.’

2. Encourage Her When She’s Feeling Down
You can encourage her when she is feeling down and feels like she can’t do what she wants to do. By being by her side and being her rock and supporting her in whatever she wants to do will empower her. This will make her work much harder to reaching her goal. Her goals could include working towards a promotion at work, studying for school exams or cheering for her in a sports environment. Just being there to support her will make a big difference in her attitude towards you.

3. Knowing the Difference Between Helping Her or Hurting Her
The third thing you can do to uplift her is knowing the difference between hurting her and helping her. Unconsciously we tend to be sarcastic during inappropriate times just to be funny. A little sensitivity goes a long way. You can do this by not criticizing her when she is down or fails at something. Encourage her and let her know she will be able to do it next time. It’s important that when she is doing well to support her with positive spirits and being happy for her little victories in life. She’ll remember those times when she’s not feeling well and you try to encourage her.

4. Being Positive in Negative Situations
The last way to uplift your woman is being positive in negative situations or environments. When things are looking bad for her and she is obviously upset or frustrated, be upbeat and say something kind that will cheer her up. Awkward situations such as when at a restaurant she accidentally knocks over your drink all over the table. This should not make you feel upset. Often times defusing the situation by saying ‘it’s okay’ in a sincere way will minimize anxiety for her. Getting verbal with her or using a sarcastic tone to say, ‘it’s okay’ is not being positive in a negative situation.

Source by Pila Fatukala

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