A Better You: A Guide to Finding Self-Help Books

If you have a problem, any problem at all, there are sure to be self-help communication books out there that aim to give you a solution. Just go to your local book store and you'll find more than a good offering solutions to any problem there is. Let's not even get started on how many free books you can find through the other various resources available to you. But a new problem arises here: how do you pick out the best communication books? Here are some things to help you get started:

  • The author: the point of getting self-help books is to help you solve a problem. And when you're looking for a solution, you can not just go to anyone. Look for authors with credentials. Credentials means that the author knows what he is talking about so he can definitely give you some insight into your problem. You can also check out popular authors but you also have to be wary since popularity may also just be plain hype.
  • The scope: problems are personal. That's why you should look for self-help communication books that are not too broad in scope. They may help shed light on your general situation but because they do not tackle the specifics, they will not actually solve anything. Take the time to scout around first.
  • Supporting references: some of the most effective books are the ones authored by mental health and medical professionals. Aside from simply being credible sources themselves, most, if not all, submit their work for peer review. Being reviewed by fellow professionals lends more credibility to self-help communication books because whatever the authors have presented will be scrutinized and supported.

Where to look

The easiest place to find self-help communication books is online. Your local book store is still a good bet but with near-impossible schedules, most people can not be bothered to make the trip. With communication books online, it's fairly easy to find what you need. Type in what you're looking for and you're on your way to a better you in a few clicks. There's even the added advantage that a lot you'll find online are available for free.

Your determination is key

Everyone has problems. But not everyone succumbs. You're looking for best communication books now so you've made the first step towards solving your problems. And that's a good thing. But you can not stop there. No matter how effective communication books are, they are only as effective as you would let them be, meaning it's all up to you. Let the self-help communication books guide you but keep in mind that it is still your personal determination that will decide how far you can actually go. Will you succeed? Will you fail? It's up to you. Take stock of your situation so you can properly assess what you're up against. This is also a good time to surround yourself with a support group. Problems always seem lighter anyway when you have someone to support you.

Source by Fico Molina

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