A Self Help Book on Making a Positive Impact

If you really want to make an impact on the world, then at some point you are going to need to become an influencer, and that means you are going to need to be someone that others look up to and respect. Someone they go to for answers and someone that will shoot straight with integrity and tell it like it is.

If this makes sense to you and you can already see such trends in your own life, then you have been chosen to lead the way, no matter if you think you may not be up for this important task or not. In fact, it's up to you to do it correctly and to start thinking about the impact you are making in the lives of others.

Well, at least that is what they stated in a book I recently read, one I'd recommend to you in a heartbeat if you'd like to pursue this further. The book is very good, and the title is:

"Becoming A Person of Influence; How to Positively Impact the Lives of Others," by John C. Maxwell and Jim Dornan; Nelson Book Publishing LLC; California, (1997), ISBN: 0-7852-7100-7.

The authors take you through all the transformational steps you'll need to complete the influencer process, and they explain the important responsibility of a mentor, and how you need to motivation; for the right reasons and what people around you can accomplish in their lives when you do. Please read this book and make the world a better place, making your own life more successful in the process.

Source by Lance Winslow

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