Anxiety Self Help – Some Useful Tips

Anxiety has attained alarming levels across the world and the numbers of individuals affected by it are steadily increasing. You can take help of various simple procedures to arrest its manifestation. Such methods include eating healthy food items, relaxing your mind by having proper amount of sleep and exercising.

Worrying about events to be held in the future can lead to anxiety disorder. As per estimates made by various experts, over 20 million people across the USA are affected by anxiety. Anxiety has a number of different types such as:

  • Anxiety due to an upcoming test or an exam.
  • Anxiety while meeting a stranger.
  • Anxiety due to confusion while choosing between two contrary options in a pressing situation.
  • Anxiety induced by such techniques which were originally aimed at reducing anxiety.

How to treat anxiety:

Use self-help for anxiety treatment.Anxiety isn’t that hard to treat as it perceived to be. If the subject stops worrying, he/she can expect to lower the anxiety levels and gradually become normal. One needs to know that unfounded fears can lead to worsening of the situation, rather than correcting it. Certain self help methods treatment for social anxiety can be employed by the affected individuals, which are listed below:

  1. Stop worrying: Is it difficult? Well, it shouldn’t be. One need to understand that life cannot be a rosy picture filled with good people, favorable events and pleasant situations only. Tough situations are bound to occur and various types of uncertainties will always cross your path. If someone keeps on thinking about bad events which are yet to take place, it will make his/her life hell along with lives of those around him/her.
  2. Significance of a worry period: If you can’t prevent yourself from worrying, you can take help of a ‘worry period’. You can procrastinate worrying to a certain time during the day when you can afford to have worrying thoughts in your mind. You can even note down all negative emotions or thoughts that come into your mind during the day and ponder over them during the worry period. However, you need to make it a point to remove them from your mind completely after this time period is over.
  3. You should indulge in activities such as meditation and exercise etc which help the mind to get relaxed. Besides that, it is important that you take optimum amount of sleep.
  4. It is important that you eat healthy stuff and avoid habits such as consuming alcohol, smoking and so on which can raise anxiety levels.

Source by Dinesh Dhiman

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