Best Day to Submit Your Self Help and Motivational Category Articles is Monday

If you are an inspirational online article writer, or if you work in the self-help venue then chances are you are someone who likes to help people get through their problems. Well then, I have some information that I believe will help you, help them, and help more of your potential clients faster. You see, our society and population is overstressed, and therefore, they could use a little pick me up.

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal on Saturday-Sunday April 23-24, 2011 titled “The Really Smart Phone – Researchers are Harvesting a Wealth of Intimate Detail from Our Cellphone Data, Uncovering the Hidden Patterns of Our Social Lives, Travels, Risk of Disease – Even Our Political Views” by Robert Lee Hotz; apparently, after analyzing cellphone data it turns out that social scientists have learned that the most unhappiest time of the Week is Tuesday in the Western World.

Therefore, an online article writer should be writing their self-help and motivational type articles over the weekend and posting them on Monday so they are approved, and posted by Tuesday, as the search engine spiders find them and puts them in their data bases. Over the last two years I have been writing various articles in the motivational and self-help categories trying to figure out which articles are most pleasing to the human psyche, which articles get read most, and which articles help boost an individual’s self-esteem.

It turns out, that I can verify that more articles get read on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the self-help category than at any other time during the week. This is because people are stressed out and still looking at a long week ahead, and often negative thoughts will permeate their self talk. Okay so, it makes sense the information in that Wall Street Journal article. Not only that, but it appears to be true in the United States, Europe, and Canada.

On non-holiday weeks the same goes for the Australian population, and I say non-holiday weeks because Australia have quite a few more holidays and three-day weekends than they do in the United States for instance. Another thing that I have noticed is that there are so many people who are self-proclaimed self-help gurus, and personal coaches these days that the online venue for motivational articles is completely saturated.

Therefore, it might make sense to post self-help articles early in the morning on Monday, so they are ready to be viewed by folks that could use a little positive influence in their life on their most stressful day; Tuesday. Indeed, hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

Source by Lance Winslow

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