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“Read Me – I Am Magical” has been created to enrich, inspire and empower.

This magical book reveals 12 secrets which are truly life changing, they are presented in the form of a university course starting in October:

October focuses on awareness: in a witty fashion it shows the difference between Dr Watson and Sherlock Holmes, explains how meditation is part of various religions, lists the benefits of meditation and presents an outstanding powerful meditation exercise.

November is gratitude: in this chapter you discover what gratitude really is and how it has been used by the Hawaiian people to attain true health, happiness, prosperity and success. This secret gives you helpful tips to truly be able to feel gratitude within.

December deals with love vibrations and unconditional love: it presents the different types of love and how unconditional love benefits us and differs from the other types.

January is self-love: whatever you wish to achieve must start from a place of love towards yourself and this chapter shows you how to love yourself and lists the effects of self-love on your mind and body.

February is a recipe for manifesting “the One” or “one of the Ones”, as the author puts it, into your life. It describes how you create your partner in your mind before they manifest in the physical reality, shows the pitfalls of expectations and exposes relationship myths.

March opens your eyes on the various types of relationships and lets you understand from a perspective your own relationship path, it also gives invaluable advice on how to keep your partner in this modern world and how to cut the ties with the ghosts from the past, the chapter finishes with a “sex magic exercise” – not to be undervalued.

April presents the reality creation mechanism in the form of hermetic principles, the seven states of matter, the double slit experiment and the law of attraction.

May focuses on energy, auras and chakras and presents a wonderful chakra balancing exercise.

June presents mental healing: it explains how disease is a mental construct and how as such it can be mentally dissolved.

July exposes subliminal messages: it explains what they are, where they are being used (everywhere) and how we can use them instead of being used by them.

August describes how we are all interconnected, how any limits are limits imposed by ourselves and that we are nothing other than infinite possibility.

September analyzes happiness: what happiness is, how it relates to wealth, the importance it plays in religions, the pitfalls of the “pursuit” of happiness and where happiness comes from.

The Final Chapter is a celebration of the newly acquired knowledge.

Source by Alinka Rutkowska

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