Bleeding Piles Treatment – Self Help Treatments For Hemorrhoids

There are two types of hemorrhoids, internal and external. Internal do not usually hurt and most people do not even know they have them unless they see some blood in their stool when they have a bowel movement.

External hemorrhoids are another story altogether. Usually there is no doubt when you think you have external hemorrhoids. They are extremely painful and usually you are in pain whether you try to sit, walk or move in any way. If you’re suffering from hemorrhoids, also called piles, you may be too embarrassed to see the doctor for relief even though you shouldn’t be. Hemorrhoids usually respond well to self-help treatments so here are a few that you can try before you make that doctor’s appointment.

* Bleeding piles treatment number one is Apple Cider Vinegar. Supposedly, taking a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar by mouth before each meal helps to reduce both kinds of hemorrhoids. Apple cider vinegar can also be directly applied to external hemorrhoids to quickly stop the bleeding. The vinegar will reduce the pain and swelling of the hemorrhoids when it is put on them.

* Bleeding piles treatment number two is Cold Witch Hazel. Store the bottle of witch hazel in the refrigerator for a few hours to make sure it’s very cold. Apply it directly to the hemorrhoids with a cotton ball or similar object. It will act as an astringent and help reduce the pain and swelling also.

* Bleeding piles treatment number three is take a Warm Sitz Bath. Fill the bathtub or a small tub with warm water or weak tea and soak your hemorrhoids in the tub. Try to stay in the bath at least 30 minutes as it will soothe the hemorrhoids and help them to feel better. Applying the warm tea bags directly to the hemorrhoids is supposed to help relieve them also.

There are many natural remedies available that you can try. However, if the hemorrhoids aren’t too severe they should respond to some of the treatments listed above and you’ll be able to find some relief from the pain and bleeding. If they don’t respond, do not continue to suffer, go to the doctor. There are medications and treatments available that will relieve your symptoms, albeit temporarily.

There are, of course, methods that can be used that will eliminate piles completely, the most common of these is surgery. Surgery, although effective, is both painful and obtrusive unless opting to use expensive laser surgery. However, if you do not like the idea of surgery (and let’s face it…who does!) there are also natural and less intrusive treatments that have successfully provided permanent relief from piles.

Source by Daniel Major

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