Fat Loss, Hormone Changes & That Dang Scale

Fat Loss, Hormone Changes & That Dang Scale

I know what it is like to HATE the scale.

To dread it, to avoid it and to not want to face it.

We tend to let the “scale” dictate how our day will be. If it is moving in the “right” direction we are happy. If it is not budging or going in the “wrong” direction we are not

Do you ever wonder why we give that “Scale” so much power? It does not ever know the whole story dag nabbit!

Does it not know when we have hormone changes?

Or when we are dealing with PAIN or INJURIES?

Or how about when we are carrying too much Bloat?

Or when we are navigating and injury?

Or how about when we have gained muscle?!


Last Monday: I had not weighed myself in almost a YEAR. I eat on point, I work out, I teach fat loss for goodness sake.

And I stepped on it. (After first blaming my husband for shrinking my jeans)

And it was up 10 lbs. YUP

I started questioning my whole life.

Who am I to teach FAT LOSS?

And then I remembered…

I am 50. I am in peri menopause.

I am currently on NO bio identical hormones (nothing against them just not my path RIGHT NOW) & most importantly, I have focused HARD on building a butt the last year. That is a lot of muscle I have added. AND I have REALLY navigated my Pain! My flair ups are far and few between now.

I feel better than I have in a long time and no one would know that that scale was mean to me earlier this week. Nor would anyone care or even notice.

I am grateful for that moment the other morning because it REMINDED me how that darn scale messes with us.

The truth is I feel good, I am THRIVING and I am liking my newly built butt and how I feel and look at 50!

I have3 FREE interactive workshops this week titled FAT LOSS AS WE AGE.

This is for YOU if what I wrote resonates and if you are in your 40’s 50’s and beyond.

I will be not only be teaching you a method to navigate and release PAIN but how to release the unhealthy excess fat and start feeling amazing.

If you are interested to join me, CLICK HERE to sign up!


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