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Which will build a bigger, more impressive chest? Decline Bench Press? Flat Bench Press? Incline Bench Press? Since there is no lower and upper chest, it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things but while science says that decline bench press is superior, Marc Lobliner prefers the dumbbell flat bench press. This video will detail which chest press is the best for you.

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Flat, Incline or Decline Bench Press – Which is Superior?

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23 thoughts on “Flat, Incline or Decline Bench Press – Which is Superior? | Tiger Fitness”

  1. Have u considered cutting Mark? At 5’6/5’7 I don’t see how it’s functional to walk around at 230 unless your an nfl running back. Think you would benefit healthwise by cutting down to a Healtheir weigh. Remember mass was a 1990s early 2000 thing.

  2. I don’t get the same pump from incline barbell as I do incline dumbbells.

    I try to work every angle of the chest to develop it.

  3. Why is the fake merc not capable of doing what you did at 20 despite of all the training, substances and training of overrated retards like McDonald?

  4. According to legitimate experts decline is not even viable. Markus Rühl said decline is a BS exercise, because of the head feeling as it is about to explode while doing it. I think dumbells suck as well. There is so much bothering with making sure you go down deep enough where it really hits the chest and all the BS when big dumbells block range of motion. All of this doesn't happen with Barbells and I am not limited by most gyms only having 40kg dumbless and heavier dumbells than 50kg being extremely rare.

  5. I have the same problem with that same area. And I to don’t feel any pain with flat dumbbell. Which is why I completely took flat barbell out of my routine.

  6. I think the major reason people get hurt is they dont do enough warm up sets and probably need to pyramid the weight on their sets. I go up at the most 30 lbs a warm up set. I start out with just the bar then load 30 lbs then load another 30lbs. Yes it takes me quite awhile to get to my first working set but it sure is worth it. YOU MUST do a fair number of warmups. NEVER EVER jump into a heavy set fresh never. You must warm up that that weight. It is equivlant to jumping into a cold pool. I recommend decline hammer strength instead of barbell bench its vastly superior.

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