Fragrance and Motivation – Perfume & Self-Regard With a Discount Fragrance

When you smell incredible and spread perfume or cologne around you, you certainly feel great about yourself. Isn’t that what we all want from time to time? When you look good, you feel good.. When you feel good, you play good.. When you play good, you win! No matter the situation. The various discount perfumes and colognes smell different on every skin type and this makes the aroma that emanates from you truly unique to you. Some fragrances can make you reminisce on past moments whether intimate or fun and full of life. Most men are fond of using cologne as women are of wearing perfume. A great cologne, ranging from musk to sandalwood to oak and amber can infuse masculinity and confidence in all men. Whether you are a voluptuous woman or a macho man, fragrance meaning perfume or cologne can provide you the freedom to feel good in your own skin. Choosing an apt perfume for the day based on aromatherapy principles will boost your spirits for the day. Isn’t high spirits and a good mood what all of us want throughout our day? Since your moods and energy levels keep constantly changing, you should use different fragrances at different times during the day to keep that peak confidence factor high.

You will want to attend to your personal hygiene in the mornings, using an invigorating soap that will make you alert and vibrant for the rest of the day. After that, think of applying some anit-perspirant and some deodorant to keep fresh throughout the day. Deodorants are substances applied to the body, most regularly the armpits, to condense the body odor caused by the bacterial breakdown of perspiration. Armpit is the area on the human body openly under the joint where the arm connects to the shoulder.

Certain aromas are associated with certain qualities. Citrus, Spice, and Mint are uplifting, and calm the nerves. They are believed to help you mentally, improve thinking, and a readiness to accept challenges. If you are looking at a vigorous day’s work, these perfumes will kick-start the day for you.

Two excellent fragrances, sought after by many, are Cool Water by Davidoff, and Amarige Mariage by Givenchy. Cool Water fragrance includes citrus, pineapple, woody undertones, and the scent of ocean air. It smells like rich deep waters with its oceanic undertone and notes of floral fields. It’s rich and fresh at the same time. A small amount goes a long way with this one. I love Cool Water perfume for Women.

Amarige Mariage fragrance includes bitter orange, bergamot, cinnamon, patchouli, jasmine, and magnolia. Both of these fragrances boost your confidence levels, sharpening the senses and freeing the mind from anxiety.

Jasmine is a sleep aid. It has been said that the odor of jasmine in your bedroom leads to a more restful night of sleep and a better level of alertness the following day. It has also been said that the scent increases the brain waves associated with deep sleep. Put some jasmine oil in a bedside aroma diffuser or sprinkle a few drops on your bolster.

Herbals, Florals, and Sweet Fruits are soothing to the mind, and serve as anti-depressants.Perfumes & Colognes of this category include lavender, sage, rosemary, rose, lilac, peach and apple. If your job is a little stressful, these perfumes and colognes will give you the relief you need. Herbal aromas will also help you unwind when applied at the end of your busy day.

Three great fragrances, Design by Ralph Lauren fragrance, Touch by Burberry and Lovely by Sara Jessica Parker Perfume. Design includes a confident and improving cheering effect including gardenia, peach, and sandalwood. Burberry touch perfume has amber, rose, and lily for a similar effect with a some what more soothing undertone. Lovely includes lavender, orchid, apple and musk, for more focus and clearer perception.

Certain sweet-smelling scents have been shown to release endorphins to enhance cheerfulness and getting into the right frame of mind. These may include vanilla, honey, chocolate, coffee and molasses.

There are a few fragrances which are not easy to identify, but they calm you and remove all uneasiness. They will also produce a similar friendly, calming effect on the people working around you.

A wonderful perfume with these attributes is Angel by Thierry Mugler. It includes vanilla, chocolate, honey, caramel, apricot, and patchouli. This unique mix of happy scents along with mint patchouli and soothing apricot make it an ideal fragrance for a confident working day!

Source by Patricia Warner

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