Home Buying Secrets – Home Buyers, What Is The Motivation Score Of Your Home Seller?

Before submitting an offer, check the Motivation Score of the seller. Knowing it going in can give you a starting point and save you Time and Money.

Here are 5 tips to score your sellers motivation level

  1. When did your Seller buy the property they are currently selling?
    Before the year 2000 give him a 1 point, each year after add 2 points.
    Year 2001 2 points
    Year 2002 4 points
    Year 2003 6 points
    Year 2004 8 points
    Year 2005 10 points

  2. What’s owed on the property Compared to the asking price?
    10% of the difference give the seller a 10 may be short sale
    20% of the difference give the seller an 8
    30% of the difference give the seller a 6

  3. How many homes in the subdivision. Neighborhood, or condos are for sale?
    If over 30% are for sale give the seller a 10
    If over 20% are for sale give the seller a 6
    If over 10% are for sale give the seller a 4

  4. How is the house maintained inside and out?
    Very poor and neglected give the seller a 10
    Okay but needs improvement s give the seller a 6
    Well but could use a face lift give the seller a 4
    Very well maintained give the seller a 2

  5. How many months of inventory are currently available ?
    6-8 months 2
    8-12 months 4

How did your seller score?
40-50 points very motivated
30-40 points some what motivated
30 or less points has time to ride the storm

This is a quick tool for you to have a snap shot of what’s going on. By all means this is NOT the only tool to take into consideration. Consult with your realtor. Get pre-approved (Not just pre-qualified) submit a pre-approval with your offer to a very motivated sellers and your chances to get the home of your choice are increased a lot.

Source by Racheli Smilovits

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