How Do You Know If You Are an Entrepreneur

In today’s world many people are starting businesses and just as many are failing. Why are so many starting and many failing? That is the key question. To find out if you are really an entrepreneur you may want to ask yourself the following questions:

Am I happiest whilst working for someone else?

Do I think that getting a paycheck is providing me and my family security?

Do I have dreams and goals that I am yet to achieve in life?

Do I have a passion or two?

Am I self disciplined in some area of my life?

Many people think they may lack the skill sets of entrepreneurs and therefore don’t even start their own business and sometimes they are just the people that could really make it big if they did.

Entrepreneurs will tell you things like, you need discipline, strong work ethics, dreams, goal, and plenty of reasons to make a business successful and they are right. You do need all those things.

You also need to be able to ask yourself the above questions making yourself accountable for your own introspective work. No one can tell you if you are an entrepreneur or not. Only you know. Whatever skills you may be lacking now, there will always be someone to mentor you to learn them. Bottom line is you’ve just got to want the dream, goal, wealth, lifestyle etc that many entrepreneurs have.

People are more dissatisfied now more than ever with the current economy and many fear losing their so called “secure job” but at the same time feel they don’t have the confidence to start their own business. That’s where home based business comes in. You need to look at the training and development that’s provided and whether or not you would use the company’s products yourself.

Find the right business for you…..and you could become the entrepreneur you’ve always wanted to be.

Source by Lauren McLaughlin

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