How Much Is Too Much Self Help?

When is too much of a good thing too much of a good thing? Maybe when it comes to eating a gallon of ice-cream? Or staying out in the sun too long.? But what about self-examination or self-help? What about too much personal development?

A part of you is saying, “tell me more” and another part is thinking HUH? “Sam, are you telling me that I could be doing too much good stuff and it is actually working against me?

Yes I am telling you, it is completely possible.

I study and teach principals discovered and developed by some of the worlds most respected thought leaders and something Mary Morrisey taught me really stuck. “Spirit Loves Fun”

Mary has more than 40 years within these studies. I admire and love her to the core and THAT comment, really resonated with me… So, now I get to share it with you.

“Spirit loves fun”

So, are you having fun?

Or are you all consumed with trying to think right, study right, meditate right, Om, read books, take classes, go to seminars, visualize, mantra-ize, affirm, gratitude list, all part of your powerful morning practice? As well as write out daily goals and daily journaling?

These are all good things! Not only do I utilize all of them with my coaching clients, I have a daily guide for sales people that organizes these tools to implement in their professional sales lives. 2015 Sales Bible.

But all at once these things, can take the joy and fun right out of life. And that my friend is counter productive.

Here is why I bring this up to you. I am noticing. I am noticing, noticing, noticing… Some people are so committed to their goals that they are actually creating stress and losing joy. Forgetting about living now, being present. They are so focused on the future that they are all full of anxiety and stress. They are so trying to do the right thing that they have lost the authentic joy that is theirs by their very birthright.

Here are “3” easy steps to get back into flow, back into fun!

  1. Laugh

Make yourself laugh, do something completely weird and fun to change your state immediately. Crank up the music and sing as loud and off key as possible (I do this in the car often, it is one of my personal favorites) Tell a super corny joke, dance, whatever is FUN to you, DO THAT. Spirit Loves Fun!

  1. Cut back on the positivity chores

Too many ingredients spoil the broth. When you have too much of anything that you feel you have to do, it feels like a chore… living a bigger, brighter, more expansive life shouldn’t feel that much like a chore. It should give you more life, You should notice a shift in you when doing it.

Choose a couple daily practices that give you more life and stick with them for at least 30 days, you can then reevaluate if you want to dive deeper into, or release and replace with another powerful practice.

  1. Do connect with others

Surround yourself with people with similar mindsets; it makes just “Being” a whole lot easier. People with different lifestyles, values and beliefs can be interesting sometimes even fascinating, but they can also drain you. When you make sure to stay connected to people with similar mindsets, your conversations are on a higher frequency, they help you notice where you might be out of whack or over compensating. They are in-flow and that makes your energy flow as well.

(I said 3 steps but this is a bonus step – Woohoo)

  1. Be IN gratitude

When all else fails and you are feeling burnt out, underwhelmed or overwhelmed. Remember gratitude. You have so much to be grateful for; I know this, as you are breathing and reading this.

Acknowledge all the good that is already in your life. That is where you start and finish. Today, gratitude and fun may be all you need.

Source by Samantha Buckley Hugessen

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