Lizzo – Fitness (Official Video)

Lizzo – “Fitness” Out Now


Director – Quinn Wilson
Video Commissioner/VP Video Production – Emmanuelle Cuny-Diop
Associate Director, Video Administration – Lily F Thrall
Coordinator, Video Content – Austin Gomez
Assistant, Video Production – Trevor Joseph Newton

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24 thoughts on “Lizzo – Fitness (Official Video)”

  1. feels so good to feel yourself. when a person feels themselves the way I like, they lift up other people whether they know it or not. I know this girl know she lifts us all up. so cool. we love you! we know you don't do it for us !!!!!!! ugh so good <3

  2. I appreciate you LIZZO! This songs great, and accurate as hell.

    I hate when guys assume I wanna exercise for them. Like, ya I’m sure y’all would like me more, but you guys usually kill my motivation. I get sooo off track when I let my self get stuck on somebody else, and how they feel about my body.

  3. I love her body positivity. I just discovered Lizzo and can't get enough. It's hard being plus size and it helps to see someone like me out there doing her thing. Lizzo you rock!

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