Looking for Sky In All The Wrong Places

Ever sit with a single puzzle piece of clouds and wonder how you will ever put the

entire sky together? Life as an entrepreneur is often just like that– lots of the little

pieces, creating products, taking care of clients, wrestling with computers, finances,

taxes, etc.– and a whole lot of sky. The big open space where you create a

successful and enjoyable business. There were many pieces of ‘puzzle sky’, I was

drowning in an ocean of sky blue. After over a decade of struggling with my own

company to fit all the ‘pieces’ together, I have finally put together the big business

puzzle– and it’s not what I thought it would look like.

As a sponge for knowledge, I would constantly search for information to help me

grow. Emblazoned in my mind was a quote that I stumbled upon by accident while

researching William Shakespeare in the old, smelly, humid junior high library (thank

goodness for the Internet). “Information is power” insightfully said by Sir Frances

Bacon. At thirteen years old, I didn’t exactly know what power was but I knew I

didn’t want to be a ‘dork’ or a ‘druggie’, like so many of my friends. So, I wanted

power. So… I needed knowledge. I lived for it.

I became a “knowledge” junkie and didn’t ‘know’ it. How ironic is that? I graduated

from college with over twenty more credits than needed because I kept taking

classes. A habit that carried into adulthood, waaay past college, anytime I tackle a

new endeavor or head in a new direction… I take a class. A class– the perfect place

to get knowledge right? Yes, though I found I gave up something for that

knowledge. And I didn’t know it.

For me, every pursuit of knowledge was a piece of “puzzle sky.” I was excited with

the opportunity to learn something new. Exhilarated by the threshold of my un-

dorkiness being expanded. Enamored with the teacher teaching me! Yet at the end

of each ‘learning’ experience, something felt– wrong. Yes, I had gained a piece of

knowledge but felt empty and unattached. So, I would throw myself into another

class, another learning opportunity– ever on my quest for power. I had no idea that

with each learning experience, I was instead seeking permission for the new

undertaking– and was sidetracked by the high I got from the experience of

learning. (Gosh, I hope I’m not the only one.)

With more and more people leaving their cushy corporate job, there’s an explosion

of entrepreneurial workshops and seminars teaching you how to be more, make

more, more, more, etc. With all these portals of power, how do you know what’s

valuable information? Every one of these workshops and the information they offer

are a benefit to you– ONLY IF it is part of your larger picture. So let me help you

now… you don’t need permission to “see” exactly what is inside you daring to come


To be successful you must dare to learn, surround yourself with knowledge, savor

each individual learning experience, HOWEVER always hold it in relationship to your

big picture– your success sky.

You must have a clear vision of the sky… your sky. No one else’s. You get to

establish if it’s blue or green. You get to establish is it’s clear or cloudy. You even

get to establish if it’s up or down. The important thing is that you “see” it, establish

it, create it by surrounding yourself with knowledge to supports that vision.

The next time you are considering taking a course or workshop for your business,

ask yourself these three simple questions:

1. What is my sky?

2. Which piece of my “sky puzzle” does the course fulfill?

3. Can this knowledge help me “see” my sky better or help me create it faster?

Knowing the answers will ensure you get actually what you need.

After all my years of knowledge hunting, I’m amazed to find I am now in the

knowledge-sharing business. Of course, I learned how in an incredible workshop 🙂

(Email me at info@whybrandu.com I’ll tell you about it!). I know you can accomplish

whatever you want. It just takes the right individuals to remind you and expand your

knowledge. I’m honored to have the opportunity to be one of them.

© Castle Montone, Limited All Rights Reserved.

Source by Kim A. Castle

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