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HEJ, hoppas ni kommer gilla min julkalender!!! Här i första luckan kan ni vinna en hel outfit från chiquelle genom att (….), och dessutom delar jag med mig av min resa, från fotbollstjej som började gymma på min pappas jobb till bodyfitness till det balanserade livet jag lever idag. Hoppas ni gillar!



  1. wow in that first flex pic in your living room…your arms look so different…so much more sculpted then! I love your results (all of the stages) but mostly where you are now, enjoying your life, meals and workouts. That is the best!

  2. I am à sportif I do musculation but am look slim more than sportiv I wana be looked like your body with volume not slim.? Tank you

  3. vegan fit mumma

    Love your transformation and how you embrace your body at all stages including gaining
    Love that now woman can and do build muscle and look bigger instead of thin
    Love from the uk?

  4. Courtney Hebert

    So glad I came across your channel! I started my fitness journey a year ago and I've lost 65lbs..Thanks for keeping me motivated! ❤ from the U.S.

  5. Truly amazing. I don’t ever comment on anything but I’m truly inspired by this video. You’ve done great things and I am so proud of you. Great role model and definitely someone I look up to, to be like!

  6. Hello Hanna first of all thank you for your inspiring video and I'm short female 5"2" and weight 130 and I want to lose weight as well burn and lose fat in process what I was wondering if you can tell me why my weight is or body fat percentage not changing . I was 115 just doing steady cardio everyday because at the time I wanted to loose weight but now I changed my diet to high protein and low carb and started doing more weight lifting because I wanted to have ripped definition instead of being small and flabby. Can you suggest workout, diet ,or tell me what I'm doing wrong. By the way love your dedication to fitness and for your video.

  7. Nicole Lipsky

    LOVE THIS. I have watched for awhile so I have seen changes and mods to your workouts and body but I had no idea you participated in all these competitions, and I had never seen your before it all started picture. So inspirational. A lot of things really are mental and so many people, women in particular think they can't achieve a certain thing because of their "body type". Yes we cant always get the same body as the person we look up to because some things are what they are. We aren't going to get taller or change our bone structure but so many things can change and who might end up liking your body better than that persons in the end.

  8. Erenia Santiago

    You are so beautiful now. I can't believe you were 47 kg, I'm 47 kg too but I'm really short. Thank you for sharing your journey and being so ispiring. I am addicted to your channel.

  9. Thank you for sharing, Hanna! I really enjoyed this video (I am a new fan and have watched about 20 of your other videos in the last month)! What is valuable about his video is you discussing and demonstrating the power of the body to transform with discipline and rigor, and how you became very knowledgeable in the process about your body's responses to various external stimuli. For greater perspective, I wish you would have mentioned the ages you were in each of the phases and photos. Thank you for all your contributions to women everywhere.

  10. Esmeralda Sanchez

    Im a new subcriber,Im really enjoying watchin your videos.Your my motovation.?

  11. Nice pic in the black bikini. Je schouders and ur back ?. Woww the body from bodyfitness …fantastic. in de pink bikini is look also great. Better then what ur weight was in de begining. Its a jurney that worked out good❣

  12. Noel Reikilovebubble

    Hanna! Your such an inspiration! It's funny how we find the right people to inspire us at the perfect time. I came a across 1 of your videos on and something about u just resonates with me. Thank u for doing all that u do, truly a blessing ?

  13. Michelle Labuszewski

    Hi Hannah I know this is an older video but I watch every video I can of yours. First off you are so adorable 🙂 and not a creepy way either LOL. But you're so positive you make your workouts fun very informative as well. But for this video you talking about how competing messes with your head and it's very hard for you to look at yourself and feel fit but be considered "normal" is very difficult. I have been through the ups and downs of competing and what does to your brain during and after is not a fun experience. It's actually quite damaging, by all means I am very proud of myself for my accomplishments, I've competed twice in the mr. /ms. Buffalo great experience and accomplishments very damaging. Thank you for sharing this video 🙂

  14. Thank you for everything you do! Seriously you're amazing and inspirational. I want to be just like you one day! You're beautiful with a great personality and I love it!

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