Natural Ways to Induce Labor – 5 Techniques to Encourage the Birth of Your Baby

In this article, I will be discussing five natural ways to induce labor that will encourage the birth of your new baby.

If you have gone past your due date, you may be thinking that a medical, chemical induction is the only option left.  A medically induced labor should be a last resort and considered only if the life of the mother and child are in danger.

In most cases, as high as 50%, many medical inductions resort to Cesarean birth regardless.  While generally regarded as a safe, you are left anesthetized and forced to recover in bed over the first days after birth, never mind enduring the lengthy healing process needed to recover from your surgery.

In order to potentially avoid complications associated with medical induction, I would like to suggest the following natural ways to induce labor, all of which you can perform on yourself and are completely safe.

1. Nipple Stimulation:

In chemically induced inductions, a synthetic version of a hormone called oxytocin is often administered.  Wouldn’t you know, oxytocin is also a naturally produced hormone by your body!  Stimulating your nipples (either by yourself or with the support of your partner) will lead to increased production of oxytocin and a higher likelihood of delivering closer to your due date.

2. Having Sex:

In addition to being relaxing and physically enjoyable, engaging in sexual intercourse is one of the more commonly known natural ways to induce labor.  Beyond the hormone producing effects of nipple stimulation, the introduction to semen has also shown to help.  Semen contains a natural chemical  known as a prostaglandin, which has the effect of softening the uterus and encouraging birth.

3. Stretching:

Using proper methods, stretching of the uterine membranes have shown to induce labor in many cases within the first 48 hours.

4. Walking:

Going for a light walk or walking up stairs has shown to bring on labor in experting mothers.  The motion of walking has the effect of bringing the baby’s head  to bear pressure on your cervix, in addition, this activity brings the baby overall into a better position for labor.

5. Acupressure to Induce Labor:

Acupressure, similar to massage, applies physical pressure to various parts of a woman’s body.   The concept behind acupressure is that it can mimic the effects of  many of the activities mentioned above.

Acupressure massage is also one of the more enjoyable, natural ways to induce labor as it will often engage and involve the use of your partner.

With basic instructions, your partner can be taught the  correct massage procedures needed to promote your natural birthing process.    In addition to being highly effective, acupressure to induce labor is relaxing for you and helps bring you and your partner closer together.

Source by Janice H Sinclair

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