Panic Attack Self Help and Basic Pointers

People suffering from anxiety disorders should know some basic panic attack self help techniques in order to properly cope up with their condition. While it is highly recommended to seek medical help and take medications, knowing how to help yourself when panic strikes you is still very important.

There are panic attack self help techniques that can be of great help to people suffering from bouts of panic and anxiety. Practicing them can result in proper management of emotions and fears. Willingness to do these is required as well as proper self motivation.

First is regularly doing relaxation techniques. Clear your mind of unpleasant and unnecessary thoughts and concentrate on relaxing. Think of a happy place, happy thought or anything that reassures you that things are perfectly well. If you want to clear your mind first, concentrate on your breathing. Count your breaths while inhaling and exhaling. This can calm you and make you feel better.

Second panic attack self help is getting enough sleep. This means quality sleep. The best way to achieve this is by creating a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom. Take away all things that stimulate your mind such as television and computer. Make your bedroom exclusively for sleeping. If soft, nature sounds can help you relax, put them on your player otherwise make your bedroom as quiet as possible. You can also choose to adjust the lighting based on your preferences.

Third panic attack self help is to avoid tossing and turning in bed while trying hard to fall sleep. If you are not feeling sleepy yet, do not lie in bed and force yourself to sleep. Doing so will only keep your mind preoccupied with a lot of things. Instead, perform bedtime rituals such as a warm aromatherapy bath or breathing exercises that can help you relax and sleep better.

Fourth is walking. Whenever you feel that your panic or anxiety disorder is about to strike you again, just walk around. Breathing in and out is a good exercise while walking, as well as counting your breaths or your steps. Try to calm down as much as possible by concentrating on your counting. Walking is also a form of release.

Another effective panic attack self help is to avoid drinking coffee or taking anything that contains caffeine. Caffeine combines your mind which can keep you from relaxing. It can also affect your sleeping time which can be a problem because adequate sleep is necessary to avoid having panic attacks.

Panic attack should be taken seriously and proper management is necessary. Read my blog and learn more ways on how you can help yourself.

Source by Davion Wong

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