Response to Ramadan Video Hate | Tiger Fitness

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Response to Ramadan Video Hate | Tiger Fitness

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25 thoughts on “Response to Ramadan Video Hate | Tiger Fitness”

  1. If folks think fake news is bad, then why are they listening to fake news when they lie about Islam.

    Man up and woman up and go actually talk to a Muslim and stop judging the religion because some non Muslim who hates Islam is telling you they are bad.

    Are they down right stupid? Or retarded? Which one is it?

    The founding fathers referred to the Quaran, Bible, Torah and Budism when they deciddd in how the government should operate and what amendments or rights we should have . Every man treated equal is a verse from the Quaran. The Bible has a similar verse.

    There is a real Quaran in the musesm that was owned by Washington or maybe it was Adams. I can’t remember.

    Regardless it is true. Google it. Or maybe they are to scared to find out how ignorant they are.

    Our forefathers who built the country would roll over in their grave if a man thought being Muslim meant one is not an American.

    If anything they are not an American if they have hate for other religions and skin color.

    Absolutely stupid. They probably work with Muslims. Do business with l and don’t even know it. Most likely meet people all the time and think they are great but do not realize they are Muslim.

    Arab Muslims are so white folks cannot tell they are Muslim or Arab. I bet racist idiots don’t look at them and think they are evil. But when they see a brown or black man they automatically think evil?

    Racism and uneducated bigoted idiots is what we have.

  2. Christians have done some whacky shit? The crusades? The muslims invaded christian iberia(sapin and portugal) and terrorized its people for hundreds of years the reconquista did not happen for no reason. In 700 AD the muslims also invaded france and came 100 miles away from paris. The muslims invaded eastern europe aswell, all of the balkans, ukraine, the Caucasus suffered from murder and enslavement by the muslim ottoman turks, who still to this day blame the jews and claim that the jews owned slavery in the ottoman empire when in reality jews were persecuted by these muslim turks. Over 1 million white christian slaves were taken from europe into the muslim world . And have we forgotten the armenian genocide?
    Go, Pick up a fucking history book and read it before preaching dumb shit.

  3. The truth is that some Americans Christians and some Jews of Israel are the most evil people in the world. This why I left Christianity. I am a Catholic from Lebanon and I am proud that I left Christianity . Some Americans and jews they only konw hate and racism . Wars . Genocide . America kills Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan Israel killing Muslims in Palestine. We know the evil truth about
    America and Israel . Not all Christians and Muslims and Jews are bad . But evil ppl exist in every religion

  4. RAMADHAN is a real challenge- because it suppresses the main drives in a human that can lead to war- stomach drive and sex drive.
    after 30 days of fast- u feel like u can do anything with that confidence

  5. 8:54…Your words cannot hide your beliefs Marc. Mexican, Black, White and Jew?. Since when did "Jew" become a "Race" ? Oh yea, i remember now, Its spoken about very much, in your most Holy book , the Talmud. Jews believe they are a different Species then everyone else. All non-Jews are called "Goy" and are lower then an Animal in the minds of Jews. "Goy" are on earth to serve the Jew. Its not a sin to Lie, Cheat or Murder a "Goy". The Talmud also speaks how its ok for Jews to fuck 3 – 9 year olds. The ONLY time a Jew will say or accept he is a "White" guy, is when someone confronts them on this Religious Belief they all carry. Fact is, they Run the Currency of all nations, the "governments". They cause and fund all wars. Read the Talmud. They are Satan's Chosen people. I make no claims about Marc, other then he does believe Jews are superior, that has already been duly qualified by the man's own words.

  6. You should see Dr.Zakir naik videos with the question you want an answer for believe me you won’t regret it just have a look it will make your life better bro.

  7. Thanks for your post! Off topic, how do you do smooth b roll video shots? I’ll be sure to check out your fitness videos, god bless you

  8. There is a lot of hate out there my man, and you see there is a difference between who choose you as followers, and who you would choose as friends.

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