Role of Top Management in Organization

Management is the act of getting things done, simply through people, to achieve desired goals and certain objectives. Implementation of any successful strategy in an organization depends upon how much the Top Management is committed to the success of organization. And this role would be evident through out the implementation process. Management is a continual process of planning, organizing, leading and controlling an organization.

All the employees that constitute top management should exhibit such enduring characteristics that influence their commitment towards achieving the vision of new strategies. Managers are the people that supervise the human resources to achieve the organizational targets but the efficient managers need to be opinion leaders to motivate their employees in a right direction. Managers should perform maverick leadership that creates cohesiveness among employees rather than slotting in all the employees and fixing tasks that bound them to work only. They should encourage employees to generate ideas that mostly managers do not do. These personal traits can be distinguished further on roots like how they plan, organize, lead and control the organization?


Objectives are the goals that management wants to achieve and Planning is the process to accomplish these objectives. It is a road map of improvement. Planning should be realistic based and framework within which a new strategy will be implemented. But it is evident that mostly Top Management considers planning as the starting point only not as the integral part of managing necessary tasks. Top management assigns the planning process to planning department yet it plays a vital role in recognizing the hidden opportunities and clear understanding of goals, market and competition.


Organizing is the act of arranging certain elements following some rules. The entire role of organizing is to achieve the overall completion of organization’s objectives. It is obligatory to organize all kind of resources including men, material, money and machine to make the optimum use in achieving certain specialization. This specialization can be achieved through employing different tasks to specific people who are specialists in that area. Top management’s ability to organize all resources well helps in expanding business.


Controlling is one of the foremost managerial functions like planning and organizing but it is continuous, and can be entrenched at any of hierarchy. It is very important for the Top Management to check the errors, own mistakes and then take the corrective action so that deviation from standards should be visualized clearly and declared purposes will be attained in a preferred mode.

These are the hallmarks that should be bookmarked by top management to review its performance in organization and re-train the managers if their skills are deemed inappropriate.

Source by William King

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