Self Improvement – What is Your Motivation?

f you have been thinking about self improvement and your life, what is your motivation for doing so? You may want change, you may want things to be better in your life, but if you don’t have some very strong motivation, it will never happen.

Why do you want things to change?

What is your motivation? Perhaps you want more success in your life or maybe more money. Now you might think that is enough motivation in itself, but I doubt that it is.

You need motivation behind those reasons. Why do you want more money? Do you want a higher standard of living? Perhaps you want the money for the simple reason that you cannot pay your bills.

Why do you want success? Is it so that you have more prestige? Does it go back to wanting more money? What is the reason, the real reason behind your decision?

It is a good reason?

Any of the reasons you may come up with are fine. They may seem selfish or grandiose to some, but don’t worry about that; they are your reasons! For example, what if your reason for wanting more money is so that you can buy a fancy car? Now I might think that is a stupid reason because I am not into cars. That does not mean that the reason is a bad one for you.

Whatever reason, whatever motivation you come up with is fine as long as it is one that means something to you, and something with lots of emotion behind it.

Why does it need to be a strong motivation?

It needs to be strong because you are not going to go the extra mile for a reason that is not that important to you. To make changes in our lives, to improve who we are as people requires some tough work. If your motivating reason is something that you care little about you will never stick with it.

Let’s say you are twenty pounds overweight and you want to lose that twenty pounds. The motivating reason is that your pants are a little snug. The reason is not all that important to you, you can always buy bigger pants and soon you are eating at the local donut shop again.

Now, suppose that the motivating reason is that your Doctor told you that your blood pressure is critically high and that if you don’t lose twenty pounds in the next few months you will die.

This reason, this motivation is very important and you start walking everyday and watching what you eat. The motivation is strong and the change comes easier and quicker.

Source by Stephen C Thomas

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