The 10 Best Pillows Of 2022 For A Healthier, More Comfy Sleep

Factors such as height, weight, sleep position, and sleeping tendencies will all play a pivotal role in selecting the right pillow for your own needs. Use the below criteria to help narrow it down.

Sleeping position

The position in which you sleep should be a guiding light for all your mattress and pillow choices. Matthew Cobb, D.C., of Innate Balance Chiropractic in Beverly Hills, California, explains, “If you are a side sleeper, you should consider a pillow on the thicker side that will maintain a 90-degree angle of your neck. Back sleepers need a medium or slightly less pillow to prevent the neck from being elevated, causing neck tension.” For stomach sleepers, “A thinner pillow will help reduce neck, back, and shoulder pain.”

Temperature control: 

For those who sleep hot, a temperature-regulating pillow is essential. Natural, breathable materials like latex and cotton are moisture-wicking, and will help you stay cool through the night.


With options like memory foam, latex, down, and down alternative pillows, choice in material really comes down to personal preferences. If you have certain allergies or sensitivities, it will be important to seek out a pillow that is all-natural and hypoallergenic. Keep in mind, some materials strongly outrank others on the sustainability scale (more on that in a minute).

Price & warranty

Investing in your health beats shopping for the best bargain—but knowing that your purchase is protected is even better. Look for pillows from brands that offer a warranty, so you can feel confident in your choice.

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