The Power of Habit for Successful Online Business

We are all creatures of habit, but if you think about, it’s really up to YOU whether you want to put the power of habit to work in your favour, or against YOU.

As the American writer, Robert Puller says…

“Good habits, once established are just as hard to break as are bad habits.”

Take a look at the successful people around you who are running a successful online business. Do you think they hit the snooze alarm and try to stay in bed an extra ten minutes before the dreaded work day?

If you don’t know, I’m here to tell you that they work with great ambitions and vision on a clear outcome.

I know, I know. That might not be a fair comparison. Because, admittedly, when you’re lying in bed in the morning and your mind starts to wonder how many online commissions you might have made the night before, this tends to work as a great eye-opener!

However, the very CHANCE that you’ll receive any commissions online at all depends greatly on your ability to create the right “power habits” that are geared towards generating income.

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” – Jim Rohn: American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker

Successful entrepreneurs in any profession know the power of habit and they are adamant and disciplining themselves to adhere to the same “plan of work” every day.

“Plan your work and work your plan every day”… Rob Fore, successful online network marketer

So what’s the best way to put the power of habit to work for you to aim you towards success?

Make a plan every day to do the “internet dance” in the morning before you do anything else. For example, this is my “morning dance”.

1. Check email to see if anyone out there in cyberspace has any questions.

If there is a question – or even a complaint of some kind, this can be a good thing.

When you respond to this person, use it as an example of a story you can blog about.

Send this same story or answer to your email marketing list…

“A recent member of mine just emailed me and asked how to upload videos to his blog. For his benefit, AND FOR YOURS, I’ve decided to create this screen capture video to help you.”

The more people will discover how you really want to help them, the more will be attracted to you. And, in the end, people who buy are really attracted to YOU, not your product, service or system, no matter how spectacular it is.

And, of course, if I happen to discover I’ve made an online sale, I take a screen capture of that so I can later use it as evidence in a blog post.

2. While I’m doing my morning exercises

I make it a habit to watch an educational video where I can learn more about my business. In our line of work, most of us have team hangouts to watch, but not many of us have the time to just sit in front of a computer.

This is my way of multitasking and taking care of my mind while I’m taking care of my body. Successful online entrepreneurs spend time every day learning new techniques, as this industry is constantly evolving. And, we have humans also should be evolving.

3. Check out the keyword phrase on ‘’

based on the subject matter of the video I created the day before. There’s no sense blogging about something that nobody’s searching for! Once I have a good keyword phrase with little competition and a lot of searches, I form my blog post around my focus keyword phase.

I get the ideas for my post in the early morning and work on it throughout the day in my downtime whenever I feel inspired.

4. Listen to personal development audio CD’s on my way to work.

I recommend this to EVERYONE, no matter what business you’re in. Audiobooks can take the place of reading books, and you can get the most out of the time in your day if you use your drive time constructively in this manner.

5. Create a quick 5-minute video on your lunch hour.

This takes so little time to create, I can even find time to fit it in if I’m meeting someone for lunch. It can be done anywhere. I’ve even seen some successful online marketers create videos in the car while they’re driving! While I’m not recommending that, I do recommend pulling over to a quiet location and shooting a 3-5 minute video about something that has inspired you.

Pay attention to the things that happen to you during the day and think about how this relates to a message for your target market. The audios you’ve been listening to will also help to inspire you on what to create a video on.

Just before you create the video, get clear in your mind of who your target audience is and what message you would like to convey. Picture a single person as your target and speak to the camera like you’re talking to a friend. It’s surprising how people who watch your videos will also see you as a friend if that’s the image you portray.

And, as we all know, people will BUY from people they know, like and trust. Your videos will be creating new “friends” all over cyberspace who are getting to know you while you’re sleeping!

Once you put the power of habit to work in your favour, you’re on your way to a successful online business.

Source by Nancy Harnell

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