The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind – Use It Wisely


The power of your subconscious mind is vast. This area of your mind harbours all the ‘computer code’ which eventually translates into your thoughts, feelings, emotions, habits, personality and character. The way you use these attributes will determine your behaviour and eventually your physical circumstances.

Your subconscious mind has the power to bring into your life anything you ‘programme’ into it.

Your subconscious acts FIRST on any dominant desire that you associate with an emotion, such as greed, anger, love etc. This desire will then manifest itself into a physical action relating to that desire. No one knows or understands exactly HOW the subconscious is SO powerful and why it can exert such influence. The stronger the desire, the more action you will take in trying to make that desire real.

No one has total control over their subconscious mind, but if you plant into it any idea, desire, or purpose it will compel you to take action to turn these into reality as soon as possible.

Many see the subconscious as an intermediary through which you can access your spirituality and soul. It contains the secret methods by which your mental impulses are transformed into their physical equivalent. Those who connect with their subconscious mind with true determination and effort will not fail to attract success in any endeavour.

Influencing this part of your mind can be considered the ‘Holy Grail’ in the pursuit of achieving your goals. The difficulty lies in the fact that so little is known about it. The best way to influence your subconscious is through repeated habit. Keep doing them again and again until they become second nature. You are conditioning your mind to accept a positive response as the norm. This works well with positive affirmations when trying to change your mindset.

Your subconscious mind is at work constantly without rest, night and day whether you want it to work or not. It feeds on the thoughts you think about and grows accordingly. It will not judge whether the incoming thoughts are positive or negative in nature, it will happily accept any strands of thought and will start to plant the associated seeds into your mind. It never rests and if you fail to implant anything into it, it will simply focus on the things you have neglected to feed it.

Once you master how to train your subconscious with only positive thoughts, you will have gained the ability to unleash its power to achieve anything you desire, because positive thoughts lead to positive behaviours and this will eventually manifest into physical things.

ALL your ideas, in fact, every single thing you think about, begins with a thought. If you have no thoughts you have no ideas. So how can you create the behaviours you need without first having a relevant thought? Once you start thinking, you start imagining. Imagination is a powerful ally as it helps build the foundation of your plans. And plans have to be executed to achieve results.

Your subconscious mind is most susceptible to impulses of thought mixed with emotion. Emotion can charge the mind into becoming action prone. Emotion will often lead you to act in ways you wouldn’t normally act. Its power can easily over-ride any conservative mechanisms of your conscious mind. You will find that when you are emotional, you are more likely to take action than if you were not emotional. Emotions rule your mind. They can be positive – such as desire, love, happiness, faith, hope, and enthusiasm or negative – such as greed, hatred, fear, revenge, anger or jealousy.

If you consider your subconscious to be a sieve, then emotions are like flour. The smaller particles will slip through easily, however larger particles will not. Unfortunately, negative emotions are like the smallest particles, they are easily dropped into the mind, whereas positive emotions are like larger particles and have to be ‘forced’ into the mind. This is why positive thinking takes effort and negative thinking does not. The only way to master positive emotions is to use them as much as possible. This is the key to success.

Source by Vishal C Patel

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