THE TRUTH ABOUT THE FITNESS INDUSTRY (body dysmorphia, drugs & influencers)


Let me be clear before we get into this video: any images or people/brands mentioned in this video are used SOLELY for context. What I say in this video is based on my personal experience, as a competitor and health & fitness professional. This is my opinion & my truth. It is up to you, as the viewer, to research what I have said & come to your own conclusions.

And with that being said… Here it is.

THE TRUTH ABOUT THE FITNESS INDUSTRY (bikini bodybuilding, body dysmorphia, social media, fitness models, drug abuse, sponsorships, supplement companies & cookie cutter programs)


Shell x

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50 thoughts on “THE TRUTH ABOUT THE FITNESS INDUSTRY (body dysmorphia, drugs & influencers)”

  1. The fitness industry, through many platforms, is rife with falsity, shams and to be clear… flat out lies. Not only in image but in the presentation of the programs as successful as possible. When money is involved, many incongruent realities are minimized because that might make it harder to sustain the business. I feel that confusion is a key factor involved and how easy it is to sell people in this industry. With so much conflicting information and ever more complex diets and exercise programs, you have to do so much and so specifically. Which is why people turn for guidance to the perceived gurus of the field. When I say that simplicity is best when it comes to health and fitness to people, that slow and sustainable programs are best it often seems old-fashioned to people. They come up with ways why they can't lose weight due to something a health guru said. Yet, when I probe this I find that they aren't consistent in just the basics of health. They don't want to follow the basics which require discipline and hard work, they want tricks and loop holes. They want the niche marketing that's being ever created by these influencers in by social media fitness gurus. It's a huge market right now and people are smart to jump on if they want to make money and gain access to millions of potential followers. I hope that people find channels like yours and listen.

  2. BEST VIDEO EVER ABOUT FITNESS, BODY BUILDING ETC….I am a new subscriber. I discovered u a few days ago ? THANKS for sharing the TRUTH.

  3. this would've been much better if you uploaded it in 2009. In our current year most girls don't want to look like bodybuilders, they want to look like the "Slim thick" Instagram models with fake butts and boobs

  4. I just found your channel and after watching this video I subscribed. Finally someone that is cutting out the bullshit. There are so many young kids so easily influenced into doing what the “influencers” say and end up wrecking their bodies before they even hit their 20’s. Thank you for being so honest. I would like to know your thoughts on CrossFit though.

  5. I feel like ive missed the boat here, these women dont look like women anymore, abs and muscular gluts? how is that the new ideal….why would anyone want that?! Women are not meant to carry that little body fat percentage, thats where estrogen is stored, these women will find it hard to reproduce and suffer through menopause dreadfully! And for what….they do not look good, 100% body dis-morphia. This should not be winning prizes it should be regulated so they cant get this unwell, its really scary to see.

  6. Finally. A female YouTube that doesn't chat shit. Am having a go at females but most of the ones on YouTube are only there to sell some shit that don't work to other women. Thank you for your information. I know that there are Male YouTubers do the same shit but there other men calling those people out on there bullshit. This is the first time I see a female do the same.

  7. Holy hell why didn’t I find u sooner!? I FUCKING adore u! Everything u are saying is validating a gut feeling I’ve grown to understand recently and now I am so excited to adjust my focus for a long term happy lifestyle! Going to binge watch the rest of ur videos now ?

  8. Yes you've got a point. It can be true. However, not everyone share your thoughs, will power, abilities, genetics, body type, lifestyle, recovery ability, etc. I personally didn't find diet for a comp hard at all. I didn't think about food all the time. I can maintain low body fat all year round (not as low as when I'm compete but low enough for my abs to show). I don't have eating disorder. Just because certain people experience difficulties, doesn't mean that everyone will.

  9. Shelly,thank you so much. I have been so confused with all these fitness goals and this really clears my mind. You’re amazing.. ❤️❤️❤️???

  10. I think this video is awesome. I have been preaching about this for some time now. I too believe these girls are doing very unhealthy things to achieve a certain body image. They are big girls and they should seek their best interest but I do have a huge problem with what is being advertised to the general public as healthy or natural. There is nothing natural about social media anymore. This is sadly not just the fitness industry but many other industries too. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I hope this video gets many more likes and views. I for one, will be sharing this on my social media. It's the truth and it must be heard.

  11. The REAL 'fitness industry' is NOT on YouTube, Instagram, etc. The REAL fitness industry is in the real world. Trainers who actually meet with you IN PERSON, whether in the gym, at your home, etc,, and SHOW you how to do the exercises, talk to you about your individual health, nutrition, lifestyle issues…THAT is the REAL fitness industry.

  12. I bought a program from The Betty Rocker. It was HIIT workouts and recipes. Unfortunately as a newbie working out at home I had no idea about form and injured my knee in a bad way. Now I know to research more.

  13. I appreciate this video so much. I like following fitness people to help me be motivated for my own health goals but constantly being inundated by sponsored shit drives me insane

  14. As someone coming from Anorexia, I have said for years, as soon as this insta-obsession with the gym lifestyle started, it is just another form of Eating disorders and Body Dysmorphia. I saw myself in them, they have the same obsessive, narcissistic traits that I had in the absolute depths of my ED, you become consumed with yourself. It saddens me that it is masquerading as "HEALTH" when it is the exact opposite, both mentally and physically!

  15. Fuck. Me. These low calorie crash diets need to bloody stop. I have been tracking what I eat lately because I haven't been consuming the healthiest of foods and I want to hold myself accountable… but even my Samsung health app was set at 1600 kcal per day when I first opened it. Even that isn't enough if you're working out!!

  16. Since you asked whose programs we've done: I've done programs from Jessica Smith (jessicasmithtv here on Youtube) and have had FABULOUS results. Her workouts are sustainable, and she always incorporates good messages into her routines about building practical strength for everyday tasks, body positivity, living a balanced life, and appreciating what your body can do! She doesn't push diets (or ever really talk about nutrition, frankly), and her workouts are longterm sustainable– I've been doing them regularly since 2015. Anyway, thank you for this great talk, you have a shiny new subscriber!!

  17. Subbed, so agree with your message ????? and I have been there, completely fucked my head and long term wasn’t sustainable, took me years to reprogram my thinking and I train now because I love it. But I still have to fight the triggers now and again that pop in and make me want to be that lean again,

  18. No women looks like those body building bikini models naturally. There is either steroids involves or huge photo shopping. The middle photo of the blonde has no female hips and what female is ever that muscular? It isn't possible and it isn't attractive. Even fit muscular women have a softness to them. she also probably has a Brazilian but lift also

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