Top 10 Gymnastics Sayings

After finding so many great phrases from phenomenal marketers, I decided to delve into a discipline close to my heart. A lot of people realize my twenty-year commitment to Gymnastics. Yet many people are previously unaware of inspiration directly from the sport. Fellow entrepreneur, I invite you to my ten best gymnastics sayings and quotes (and I even added a bonus translation for each):

10. "How you train today determines how you perform tomorrow."
From gymnastics sayings to marketing: Incorporate millionaire habits to become a millionaire.

9. "Attitude is Everything."
Careful here thinking it is just being positive. It is far more effective to be objective than simply "trying to be positive." An attitude of success is found in every top athlete. Ever heard the expression "heart of a champion?"

8. "Do not let success get to your head, or failure to your heart."
You will often find gymnastics sayings that let go of the ego. You never hear a phenomenal gymnast "giving it 110%" success in marketing is like success in gymnastics. Just do your best. When you fall get back up.

7. "The best way to show respect to your fellow athletes is to give the best performance that you can." – Cheng Fei
Do you recall any great marketer downing a realistic competitor? As a phenominal network marketer, you give your fellow networkers the respect they earned. In fact, showing support can be downright profitable!

6. "Excellence … you will never find it in your comfort zone." – Don Merrell
Is it possible to translate gymnastics sayings like that to network marketing? Absolutely. In fact we've all been through it. Also referred to as "leave your friends and family alone."

5. "Whether you think you can, or think you can not, you're right."
Long standing network marketers know how common it is for people to stay where they are. Really, it is just someone coming up with a reason that seems to validate their level of income.

4. "It's not if you rise. It's if you rise after the fall that counts."
All gymnasts envision the perfect set. Most of the time, though, something happens along the way. Competitors who finish are always respected. When you are marketing from home, creating a campaign, testing … things happen. Do you follow these sayings' advice and keep your productivity?

3. "Hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard."
I think Jeffery Combs may have written this for gymnasts, actually;) You may even find him in his own enterprise called "More heart than talent." Thank you Jeff.

Last two for the end and very best. Really, they are quotes. I find it interesting that they are quoted directly from two American gymnasts who achieved absolutely phenomenal results in the reality of world-class gymnastics. They require translation. Enjoy:

2. "It's not about winning or losing a competition; it's about beating the doubt from within yourself and knowing at the end of each day you are one step closer to your goals." – Jonathan Horton, 2-time Olympic medalist (2008)

(Drumroll …)

1. "Wake up every day knowing that today is a new day and only you can determine the outcome of that day. So dream big, accept the challenge, and never look back." – Alicia Sacramone, 8-time world medalist (2005-07)

My friend, these are the gymnastics sayings and quotes from people on their way to extraordinary results in an activity surpassing 99% of other disciplinals. Let go of romancing all the money you can make. Uncover your millionaire sayings; more importantly, have millionaire habits. On the road to wealth, seek to become more valuable. As the great Jim Rohn said "work harder on yourself, than you do on your job." And finally … LIVE the dream most people only fantasize about.

Source by Edwin Ledgard

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