Top 5 Characteristics of Highly Motivated People

How is it that so many people get what they want out of life so easily, while the rest of us work our tails off and never get anywhere? Are people born like this or did they learn it somewhere?

Often times, many people will develop the best plans or goals and become highly excited to accomplish each task. Then, as the days go by, their excitement dwindles. Their tasks become not so important to them anymore. Finally, they give up.

Below are 5 characteristics of highly motivated people. The following characteristics lists some of the common traits which separate those who are successful from those who are unsuccessful.

  1. Highly motivated people talk and think in a motivational modeThey live, eat, and breathe their plans or goals. They thrive on their accomplishments. They are individual thinkers who think creatively and never rely on their peer group for support. When they have ideas, they find creative ways to turn their ideas into realities, not caring when others think their ideas are unrealistic. They do not let others bring them down or put them in a negative state. They are so focused on their goals or plans that they do not have time for a negative talk from others.
  2. Highly motivated people believe in their abilitiesThey know what they love doing and they do it. They take responsibility for each of their actions and believe they are the only people who can control the outcome of their life. They control their life by a set of plans or goals, which they follow and review daily. They often make adjustments to their plans or goals to get them to where they are going.
  3. Highly motivated people know their strengths and weaknessesThey understand these natural abilities and use them to benefit what they are accomplishing. When life throws an obstacle at them, they simply find a way around the obstacle and become stronger because of it. They use these obstacles as learning experiences and then begin their task again in a more intelligent way.
  4. Highly motivated people take action dailyThey work hard to get what they want, even when they do not feel like working. Self-confidence, diligence, and a strong set of goals drive these people. They break their goals or plans into achievable daily tasks. Their goals are neither too hard nor too easy but written to challenge their daily life. The thrill of successful accomplishment is a natural high to these people. They successfully accomplish their daily tasks. They then crave the feeling of accomplishment and the adrenalin it evokes, like a drug.
  5. Highly motivated people believe that anything anyone else can do, they can do betterThey have a high degree of self-confidence and know that they can successfully accomplish anything they put their mind to. The sweet smell of success is evident almost daily in their lives and they will never give it up.

Many unsuccessful people are not necessarily unsuccessful; they simply have not found their strengths within their natural abilities yet. People become highly motivated when they find their purpose in life. When they take their natural abilities and utilize them for their own benefit. When they totally enjoy what they are doing, they are able to accomplish many of their daily tasks easily and instinctively.

Source by Donna Graham

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