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What do you think?🤔

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Hassan Sumroo

Hello, my name is Hassan Sumroo and this blog is my perspective on life, Motivation, Mind and fitness as an entrepreneur. It’s a fun, amazing, and humbling way to experience the world.

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    True that 🙌

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    persistence but wilingness to change is the key

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    Even if we don’t want to admit it this is the truth. We live close to others and the only thing that connects us is sex. And we believe sex is the solution to everything while we forget what love, respect, feelings and emotional communication means. Listening to others, smiling and just asking them how their day was. Simple but still so hard to do. Let’s make it as a goal every single day to make someone smile even if sometimes that someone is our own self. 😉

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    I like your content, hustle always🔥

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    @gratefulmindset 🔥

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