What Is An Entrepreneur With a Purpose?

According to Dictionary.com an entrepreneur is defined as “a person who organizes and manages any enterprise or a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.”

In recent years, several versions of the word ‘Entrepreneur’ have been used to reflect a specific group of people. Most of them are self explanatory based upon the name. Here are just a few of the ones I already knew about or was able to find on the internet:












Being a mother myself I was very familiar with Mompreneur and have even read the book that explains and discusses what a Mompreneur is in detail. Well, one day I started thinking about the many years that I have aspired to become an entrepreneur, but I never really got anything off the ground because I didn’t think many of the business opportunities I pursued in the past would have fulfilled my purpose in life. While I wasn’t really sure what my purpose in life was at that particular time, I knew in my heart there was one. So, the light bulb came on and the word Purposepreneur quickly came to mind. I knew that was the kind of entrepreneur I wanted to be. I wanted to be able to make a difference the world while making a living doing something I loved and that had great meaning in my life. The word purpose means “the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used, etc”. Therefore a Purposepreneur is a person who organizes and manages a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk selling products and/or services that have great meaning to them and has a positive affect on their customers and their community. I can also add to that meaning that the person is doing something he or she loves and/or does well.

Has anyone every told you that you missed your calling? They’re basically telling you that you missed your purpose. But that doesn’t necessarily have to continue to be the case. If you take the time to examine your life, past and present, you will uncover clues as to what your calling or purpose may be. If you are entrepreneurial minded and would like to start your own business those clues will lead you to what could be a profitable and purposeful business. I personally know several people who have told me that they feel there is something else they should be doing instead of their regular nine to five jobs. Perhaps you feel the same way. Even though you may have a good job with good pay, you may feel there is still something missing in your life. Perhaps you have children and would like to spend more quality time with them. Your purpose could be to start a business that would allow you to spend that precious time with your little ones. This will not only enhance your life and your kids lives but will no doubt have a positive affect on those who come in contact with you. But first you will need to examine your current lifestyle as well as the lifestyle you desire. In this situation a Home Based Business would be appropriate to help you achieve your goal. Also, you would have to look at your gifts/talents, interests and passions to help you decide what kind of home based business you will start. Maybe you feel called to help others. There are a number of businesses you could start that will afford you the opportunity to help others. When you desire to start a business that has meaning you must look inside yourself for guidance and direction. The task of starting a business venture should not be taken lightly. Because of the time and energy that goes into making a business successful you would want it to be something you feel has purpose and meaning in your life. Also you want it to be something that you enjoy and that you do well. This takes careful examination of your life and the things you feel passionate about.

Even though a purpose for a business can be bad or unethical, a true purposeful entrepreneur’s purpose is good, meaningful, and will make the world a better place either directly or indirectly. There are people who may not even realize they are Purposepreneur. For examples many authors and musicians are purposeful entrepreneurs because their words and music may inspire and motivate people in a positive way. Hair Stylist are also because people leave the place of business feeling better about themselves than they did when they went in. They indirectly help make people feel better and enhance the lives of others by directly affecting their self esteem. The ultimate entrepreneurs with a purpose are pastors. I know most pastors of churches don’t consider themselves to be entrepreneurs and recently there has been a lot of negative press about some pastors of mega churches. But let’s face it, these people are changing lives. They are inspiring people from all walks of live and in all areas of live.

When you operate in your purpose and you know who you are, then you impact the world in a direct way. You are giving out positive energy that beckons the world into your space.

Source by Millicent Perry

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