You are currently viewing YOU NEED TO DO THIS IN THE MORNING! It Will Change Your Entire Day! (morning motivation)

YOU NEED TO DO THIS IN THE MORNING! It Will Change Your Entire Day! (morning motivation)

This is how you should start your day! Morning Motivation ▻If you struggle and have a hard time, consider taking an online therapy session with our partner …


Hassan Sumroo

Hello, my name is Hassan Sumroo and this blog is my perspective on life, Motivation, Mind and fitness as an entrepreneur. It’s a fun, amazing, and humbling way to experience the world.

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  1. Nikil Khatri

    Wow.. I hav nevr seen so much of inspiration and knowledge on how to live life successfully, happily and completely, filled in such a short space n time with true class n yet simplicity.. Nevr felt so inspired, determined and clear within my mind..
    A grand salute to the greatest people who r a part of dis clip fr their words of true wisdom, motivation and kindness.. And a biggg Thank you to 'Be Inspired' and whom so evr has made this video possible and available..
    God bless each one of u fr spreading kindness, love and Inspiration.. Our world needs it more than ever before!!

  2. maria arevalo

    I wish you would redo this video to target a teenager. So younger kids could relate.
    Great video.

  3. Nailni Singh

    Wonderful Amen thank you Peace and Love

  4. Charlie Jaffry

    TODAY IS A NEW DAY, YOU CAN DO IT!!! Great video, thank you!

  5. Jason Alexander

    I am a convicted felon. I have struggled for happiness since I was a child. Struggled for acceptance. Struggled for love. Struggled for companionship. Struggled to overcome loss. Struggled to overcome self defeating behaviors and thoughts. Struggled to persevere through adversity. I am 34 and right now as I write this. I am no longer homeless. I am no longer addicted to drugs. I am no longer in prison. I am no longer struggling to believe that I CAN do this. I am not rich. Or wealthy. But I am free. I am alive. I've experienced so much pain that my cheeks know tears like my feet know socks. And I still shed tears, but no longer are my tears an outward reflection of my inner demons. They are an expression of my emotions that I have crafted from a weakness, into a strength. I no longer face defeat and fear the overcoming. I face defeat and know that when I overcome, and I know I will, the blessing that awaits me will be so much better than what was before. My pain has built in me character. My struggle has built in me patience. My struggle has taught me to push push push and persevere. I've loved I've lost I've missed and I have hoped and hoped and hoped. Now I just know. I know that no battle I face. No battle anyone could ever face cannot be overcome. Believe in YOU.

  6. Lucy Alice Whitten

    Can someone tell me where every single one of these stills are from? Which movies?! There’s so many I saw that I found beautiful!!!! I want to see the films!!!!! Someoneeeeeed

  7. Tammy Cates

    This is so awesome! I wish that every school would turn this type of inspirational talk into the morning program. Instead of programming kids with political issues and news this should be what they need to hear. Our future generation deserves.

  8. leave-no-doubt

    Enjoyed this video, keep up the Great work!

  9. Peace

    If you improve by 1% every day, in a year you will have improved by 365%

  10. Arti Vedi

    Where r those relationships. Who gaurantee they won't get worse if I step in the unknown ..don't u need protection from shitty pple..who secures..must pple try new countries??u guys r probably recording many pple's.voices nd making vedios ..and earning great idea..flop actually

  11. Arti Vedi

    Have u never heard of no proper help ..too much to handle….do u all do every bit in ur life urself…why this big super hero vedio??

  12. Arti Vedi

    Once u know what is right to do..??what if you don't get to know how to go about..

  13. Darleme Malone

    Don't let yesterday stole today , learn from it and move on .

  14. Sonji Craig


  15. chuck4abuck1

    Awesome video thank you
    Was that luke rockhold

  16. Matteo Occello

    I think you forgot to put Jordan Peterson in the speaker list guys! 🙂

  17. Mark S

    I quit "shoulding" my life away. Say it fast, sounds funny… and makes people think.

  18. Jeremiah Robbins

    I have delt with addiction for the past 17 years and the self motivation videos have helped me to stay clean for these pass monthes!! Im so greatful!

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