Your Entrepreneur Success Vs The Story of Turtle and Rabbit

I heard this classic story retold by my dear friend and mentor, Sara Tay from Singapore.

It is too good to pass on, here it goes:

Turtle and Rabbit met up and agreed to have a race, in the 1st round:

Turtle was slow as usual but steady, Rabbit was fast, but got distracted, took some rest in between, and explore around the scenery, and even took a nap in between. Upon his perseverance, Turtle won the 1st round!

Lesson 1:

For “Turtles”: It is OK to be slow, as long you persevere, don’t give up

For “Rabbits”: Distraction and arrogance is oftentimes the biggest obstacle of your success.

Rabbit thought to himself, now I know what I have done wrong, if I repent and change my attitude, I should have a chance to win. So, he asked the Turtle for the 2nd round; this time, he did exactly what he planned to do: very focused and changed attitude, he won the 2nd round.

Lesson 2:

It is possible to win if we are willing to humble ourselves and learn from the past mistakes.

Then Turtle got thinking, “There must be a way I can do this!”. After careful inspecting different routes, he found one route will benefit him greatly. He asked Rabbit for the 3rd round race, on this particular route–> there was a river in between, as you can image, for Turtle, it was such a easy race, he swam so fast, outperformed Rabbit quite a bit. Turtle had a triumph!!!

Lesson 3:

When we know our gifts and talents well, and know how to use it wisely; we are unstoppable!

By now, Rabbit and Turtle actually started to realize both of them has different strength and weakness. They thought what if they could work together as a team, they might achieve to finish the race faster together. So they decided to give it a try. They chose the exactly the same route of their last race. In part of the race, since it was all dry land, Rabbit carried Turtle and ran fast, when it came to the river, Turtle let Rabbit sat upon his shell, and he swam fairly quickly. The result, they finished the race together in a much shorter time. They were thrilled!!!

Lesson 4:

When we are able to leverage each other’s strength and united a a team, the result can be astounding!!!

Now as buddies, Turtle and Rabbit put their head together again. They dreamed about helping other animal friends in the woods. Many of their friends had hard time to go from A to B fast enough for food, or had trouble to cross the river when they needed to; what if we could build something to transport them….thus, they built an innovative vehicle and achieved their dream of helping their friends to cross the land and the river safely and quickly. Also, this vehicle could be used by everyone after Rabbit and Turtle showed them how. The whole animal world was full of joy, because their pain/problem is solved!!!

Lesson 5:

An innovative “vehicle” or a “system” which is able to solve the pain/problem oftentimes is from dreamers. Those who dare to dream and dream big!!!

Have you enjoyed the story? What are your thoughts? Have you found any inspiration from it for your business? I’d love to hear from you. Please do leave me a comment to share with all our fellow Internet Marketing leaders:)

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Source by Kelly Baader

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