10 FITNESS MYTHS IN 10 MINUTES | What the Science Says: Keto, Intermittent Fasting, Calorie Tracking

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WHAT’S UP Y’ALL happy new year!! We’re kicking 2019 off with some myth busting and science talk today. I tried to mix it up with these myths and throw in some of the more common ones as well as some of the less talked about ones that I know I’ve definitely struggled with. Timestamps + references will all be listed below. I hope you dig this!


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(MYTH #1 – tracking calories isn’t accurate and so you shouldn’t do it)

(MYTH #2 – calories don’t matter if you eat clean)

(MYTH #3 – you don’t need to track calories if you’re keto)

Insulin…an Undeserved Bad Reputation


(MYTH #4 – you don’t need to track calories if you intermittent fast)

(MYTH #5 – negative calorie foods)

(MYTH #6 – tracking calories is restrictive and will ruin your relationship with food)

(MYTH #7 – brown rice is better than white rice)
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3402243/ — note effects on hunger and satiety

(MYTH #8 – you need to do a weekly cheat meal to keep your metabolism revving)

(MYTH #9 – eating carbs at night will make you fat)

(MYTH #10 – metabolic damage)


34 thoughts on “10 FITNESS MYTHS IN 10 MINUTES | What the Science Says: Keto, Intermittent Fasting, Calorie Tracking”

  1. Hey y'all ? HAPPY NEW YEAR! In case you missed the timestamps, here you go ??

    MYTH #1 – tracking calories isn't accurate and so you shouldn't do it – 0:58
    MYTH #2 – calories don't matter if you eat clean – 2:01
    MYTH #3 – you don't need to track calories if you're keto – 3:27
    MYTH #4 – you don't need to track calories if you intermittent fast – 5:14
    MYTH #5 – negative calorie foods – 5:56
    MYTH #6 – tracking calories is restrictive and will ruin your relationship with food – 6:59
    MYTH #7 – brown rice is better than white rice – 7:57
    MYTH #8 – you need to do a weekly cheat meal to keep your metabolism – 9:07
    MYTH #9 – eating carbs at night will make you fat – 9:49
    MYTH #10 – metabolic damage – 10:14

  2. Incredible video! I love that you come from the science angle… don’t worry about rushing and editing to shorten!

  3. I have a little extra uni chub that I'm trying to reduce and tone up, and also make some bootie gains! But overall I really want to focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

  4. Angela Lawmaster

    Yes????Thank you for the white rice & white potato myth bust. It drives me crazy when people actually believe this. I find people do this with greens a lot too. Think kale is the only good green and the rest are trash. Love your scientific approach in all you videos.

  5. Veni Vidi Amavi

    the worst tool for fitness is the media, they're so wack with their so called "advice" ?

  6. Browneyes (Trish)

    I'm keto and I DO track my calories. Doesn't matter what diet you follow, excessive calorie intake still means no weight loss! You have to have a calorie deficit to lose weight.

  7. Alexis Bledsoe

    Pardon my forwardness, but you are so so so pretty, quite jealous. I mean I’m pretty but you… Wow. Keep up the good content I’ve been looking for the right way to do these things but so far all I get are debates. So thank you very much

  8. Courtney Jenaé

    You are so impressive! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and for always backing it up with science!

  9. Mary LaFrance

    Proper Higher fat foods are satiating and keep you from insulin spikes, such as coconut oil, raw nuts, avocado. Not deep fried fattening junk food

  10. Marissa Bettels

    Keto is actually very sustainable long term. And your point on satiety is incorrect. Fat is what keeps you feeling full longer, not protein. Converting to a ketogenic diet will naturally decrease calories in, as balanced keto meals (that do include a bulk of leafy greens) give you a full feeling with a smaller portion size. Yes you can still get too many calories eating only bacon cheeseburgers, but that’s an obvious point in my opinion, and can be said for any diet choice.
    Healthy fats are extremely important for maintaining brain and nervous tissues as well as other organ tissues like the liver, pancreas, and kidneys. This is why keto was originally intended to treat neurological disorders like epilepsy. This is also why it’s used a method to control type 2 diabetes, as the body uses ketones for energy rather than the sugars that have become insulin resistant.
    I’m not saying keto is for everyone as it is far from the standard American diet that the majority of us have grown up on, but it’s ignorant to discredit the benefits it can have for those struggling with obesity and other underlying conditions.

  11. One point to the accuracy of calories. There is research showing that your actual body expense can differ based on your metabolism, age and some other factors. Also a given fruit doesn’t always have 100 kcal – if it is grown in different environment, its calorie content will be different. So the whole foods diet won’t be also precisely accurate, but I do agree with you that no matter the real calorie intake, you can adjust your diet based on your body reactions.

  12. There is so much that we still don't know about the body…

    After having 6 babies within 7 years (for those judgemental A-holes: one was born at 24 weeks and passed away shortly after and I was on some sort of birth control, sometimes more than one, when I got pregnant with ALL of them… It just failed)
    Anyways, after this spout of baby making I was diagnosed with gastroparesis… I went through the 6 hour testing process 3 times over a period of a year. My stomach wasn't contracting to digest the food I was eating. I was told this would be life long. Which was horrible because I was a depression binge eater.

    Well, about 8 years after having my tubes tied suddenly I realized I felt hunger… A feeling I hadn't had in about 10 years. And I very quickly dropped 60lbs. Somehow my body healed itself. The doctor thinks there must be something more to it but I honestly believe we have no idea about a lot of the ways the body works.

  13. Maryam Sobhani

    Hi Abby,
    I appreciate this video. There's one thing I would like to say with regard to keto. If done right, you actually do not feel as hungry as you otherwise would. In fact many, and my self, report that you feel full all the time on keto. This logically makes sense as fat and protein simply last longer in the body, whereas carbs/sugar are burned very quickly and would leave you feeling hungrier in quicker time intervals. What I'm trying to say here is that if done properly, you will not have an issue with overeating on keto due to feeling hungrier.

  14. I loved this so much! I appreciate how you talk about metabolism and hormones and research articles to back up your claims. And I would love to see you do a video on the ketogenic diet bc i want to know what you really think of it

  15. anybody who tells you macros and calories don't matter on keto is ignorant, a liar, or both.

  16. Melanie Mullins

    My goal is either 25lbs down or the equivalent of going from a size 10 jeans to a size 5. But with muscle weighing more than fat, I'm not sure what I would weigh at that size.

  17. Lol my goals are all of the above. I want to loose weight, tone my body, gain muscle, and generally feel better about myself.

  18. Aimee-Laura Flanagan

    A video on each one of these myths please. Keto and cheat meals especially !! Learning so much

  19. Alexandra L.

    Every time I watch one of your videos, I take the information in like a sponge. Very well explaned. Thank you for your efforts!
    Greetings from tiny Belgium, Alexandra. 🙂

  20. I want to be more consistent with my food intact and by eating better and building better eating habits reach my goal on losing more weight and getting that tones stomach and glute look

  21. Abby how do you learn all of this? I’m doing a PhD in environmental science and I feel like it would be sooo hard for me to understand/have time to learn something completely left field! Where did you start? Diving straight into google scholar just isn’t going to help ?

  22. My goal burn more fat keep my muscle. I'm a female. Video please..I want to lose the rest of my tiny pouch..

  23. You say that you're not going to feel full on Keto.
    But, I've been on Keto scine 1/18/19 and now I'm rarely ever hungry. I eat twice a day around 7am, and 7pm and sometimes I'm still not hungry by meal #2.

  24. Lose weight, gain muscle!! I have been doin IF for 8 months but the last two months I fell off and did not follow my IF routine that lead to eating poorly and less activity so of course I gain 22 pounds!!!!! I'm back on track with my IF routine (18/6) but during my 6 hour eating window I'm not tracking calories yet. Any advice on how to get back on track easily?? Anyone's insight would be helpful. Thanx??

  25. ehehe. I ate a bowl of rice today, trying to get enough carbs, despite already being full. fun

  26. I lost 40 pounds last year and then hit like 144 and went to maintenance cals so this year I'd like to get back on my grind but I stopped enjoying the gym idk how to get the vibes back

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