Bruce Lee’s Physical Fitness *The Greatest Martial Artist Ever*

This video is about the man who could perform 2 finger pushups and whose muscular strength, endurance and flexibility were spectacular.

To tell you the truth, I can beat anyone in the world!!!
-Bruce Lee

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40 thoughts on “Bruce Lee’s Physical Fitness *The Greatest Martial Artist Ever*”

  1. If anybody deserved a white girl , it was Bruce Lee … he was damn near perfection in mind , body and soul and as far as influence , at least in sports he was unmatched and actor James Coburn put it the best … "He created himself " .

  2. On one level it's scary , the ability of one human's achievement , 99.9999 % of humans on the planet will never achieve , but one man did ….

  3. Mr Bruce Lee is moast propably the best martial artisr thaht we hawe ewer seen in our tim ok? I fore one do not no how to fight but still when you se somevon like him you just know

  4. Jesus Christ died for our sins, was buried and rose again to save us from eternal judgement and give us eternal life if we believe Him. Only God can save us and freely give us new life inside forever

  5. Bruce Lee is a dedicated Martial artist , he not only change peoples thinking, he spread the art equally to all peoples…
    Once the thinking process changes then I become we….

  6. just another tiny piglet that escaped the slaughter factory……stop worshipping this filthy pig child molesting dog food ass licker Bruce Lee. truth be told

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