How to Make up For Lost Fitness Progress

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32 thoughts on “How to Make up For Lost Fitness Progress”

  1. Matt on the video for the neck training after doing the first exercise I think I a gland i my neck as swollen on the left side do you know what this could be and how long I will take to recover

  2. Had 3 weeks off in August cause on vacation. Man, startet after it with only 60% of volume. First week muscle soreness. Now 3 weeks later at 75% volume and is still Hard.

  3. I popped my shoulder joint out of its socket when I was 14, and stupid as I was I didn't know you shouldn't pop it back in by yourself.
    I had never had an issue with it until I turned 18 and started working out. I steadily got in better shape and a lot stronger, I went from 0 pull ups to being able to do 15, 3 OAPU's etc.

    But then the pain started happening. Slowly at first. One day per month. Two days every two weeks. Four days every week. Every day. Such an incredible ache that I could barely move my left arm at all, anything above elbow height level was off limits.

    My rotator cuff and bicep had been misaligned and I had a dormant inflammation in my shoulder unknowingly for I don't even know how long.
    I had a 9 month break where I legit did at most one half workout once a month. I finally went to shockwave therapy and worked my shoulder with stretch bands, and five weeks in I'm rehabilitated.
    I've not yet gotten the chance to try my pull ups, but I can gladly tell you all I only lost two OAPU's

    Work smart, not all injuries will improve with training. If you feel strange pains you need to stop what you're doing and seek professional help!

  4. Tons of drawbacks and still progressing. Throughout the years its still been an upward trend. Chase the trend not the acute results and short term drawbacks

  5. hey matt, do you think that training for skills is beneficial aside from being cool party trick or should i just stick to basics for overall strength?

  6. I can get my chin over bar during pull ups but can't touch my throat to the bar. My throat is too far away from bar. I can't figure out why. Your content is great by the way. Would love your input

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