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24 thoughts on “Share with a friend – DOUBLE TAP if you agree – Follow @quotes2evolve for daily …”

  1. david.m.emerson

    If you don’t respect your health enough to refrain from smoking and drinking, why would I believe you sincerely care about the health and wellbeing of others ? Partying is fine. It’s really fine actually. Smoking and drinking is useless. Get this inside your head and break the association chain of good feeling and booze. Hollywood taught generations of people the lie that it’s somehow cool to poison yourself. To respect weakness is revolutionary for our times and a sign of a compassionate society yet when society sees the weak as the normal the threshold of acceptance toward one’s own deficiencies is lowered by a substantial amount, making it harder to be the best version of yourself.

  2. amangrayfilms

    Is the body a temple or a house of toxins? It’s deeper than social conduct. There is an inner world within the body..

  3. paulie_ceo_dub

    @quotes2evolve 🙏 rule #1 always apologize first. Then it’s rule #2 ………

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