"Uptown Funk" || Bruno Mars || Dance Fitness || REFIT® Revolution

It’s time to get your Funk On with this catchy tune by Bruno Mars. We love the 70’s flair of this song and we wanted our fitness classes to feel it through the moves of the song.

Intensity: Low/Mid

Here is an edited version of the song: http://vibedeck.com/djbaddmixx/dj-baddmixx-uptown-funk-no-damn-clean-edit (This is NOT the exact version of the song listed in the video, but we are unable to share the music content due to licensing requirements.)



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48 thoughts on “"Uptown Funk" || Bruno Mars || Dance Fitness || REFIT® Revolution”

  1. There is so much I love about you all, your moves, smiles, and leaving in the mistakes, BUT the most thing I really appreciate is all of the different sizes of a body. I am an instructor as well and I know you don't have a average size 0 for all of your participants, but thank goodness we come in all different shapes and colors, Thank-you for making it real and focusing on the moves.

  2. Wow! This is the best video ever! At first, I thought it was weird.
    But when I saw you dancing happily, I tried it and it was really fun.
    Thanks to you, I got to enjoy this fun dance!
    Thank you very much ♥

  3. Thanks for such a great, clean version of this song an video. As a Soldier, believe, I do get tires of so much cursing and profanity in this world.

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